Discover The Power of Empathy

With Empathetic Leadership Fundamentals

Empathetic Leadership Fundamentals uses our Five Phases of Empathy‚ĄĘ model to establish¬†rituals that support well-being, happiness, and impact for individuals and organizations. This is your chance to experience the¬†exact same curriculum that has been used by

For those who are ...

  • wanting to become a better friend, romantic partner, parent, or leader
  • struggling with burnout and setting boundaries
  • having a¬†hard¬†time prioritizing self-care
  • working through difficult emotions related to grief and loss
  • looking to create more inclusive spaces in¬†their personal and professional life

This workshop is for you.

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The insights and skills you'll acquire include:

Empathy Vocabulary

Mindfulness Exercises

Purpose Rituals

Strengthened Inner Voice

Techniques for Safe Space

Abundance Mindset

Meet the instructor

MICHAEL TENNANT¬†is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author of The Power of Empathy. He is also the creator of Actually Curious‚ĄĘ the empathy conversation game, Values Exercise‚ĄĘ, and the Five Phases of Empathy‚ĄĘ.

Michael's work has been featured by the New York Times, Oprah and the TODAY Show for teaching empathy and fostering a thriving ecosystem of advocacy for diversity, mental health, and well-being through products, content, workshops and technology.

In 2022, Curiosity Lab received an investment from Pharrell and the Black Ambition Prize.

Why  Empathy Matters More Than Ever

The world is facing a mental health crisis, affecting millions of lives globally. 

  • According to Mental Health America, over 50 million adults in the US reported suffering from mental health conditions.
  • The World Health Organization states that nearly a¬†billion people around the world experience anxiety or depression.¬†

Now, more than ever, understanding and practicing empathy is crucial.

Join this workshop to level up your empathy skills, increase your ability in creating safe spaces, and become a more compassionate person - to yourself, and to others. 

The Five Phases of Empathy‚ĄĘÔłŹ will help you to...

  • Cultivate strong and lasting friendships, romance partnerships, and teams
  • Master fighting burnout and respectfully honoring and maintaining boundaries
  • Find a balance between ambition, helping others and prioritizing self-care
  • Rise to work through difficult situations like grief and loss
  • Commit to creating more inclusive spaces in¬†their personal and professional lives
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Your Journey Through the Five Phases

Phase 1: The Language of Feelings
Strengthen emotional awareness for self-empathy and curious listening

Phase 2: The Importance of Attention
Anchor in values and purpose and learn to translate your emotions and inner voice

Phase 3: Channeling Purpose
Learning your power of choice, and managing your mental narrative

Phase 4: From Empathy to Impact
Enhancing relationships personal, professional, and romantic

Phase 5: Living with Abundance
Unlocking ease and abundance, and undoing scarcity by leading with empathy

87% of U.S. workers say empathy leads to better leadership.

Our curriculum has been used by top schools, organizations, and businesses. Here's what they've said:

  • "It made me¬†reflect¬†on how I go about my day and react to my environment."
  • "The lessons and exercises are straightforward and¬†available to integrate into my life."
  • "The way that the strategies were explained through the exercises was¬†unique¬†and¬†powerful."

Are  you ready to experience the power of empathy for yourself? 


We know how powerful this work is, especially when you go all-in - and each Phase in this course adds a new layer of empathy for yourself, and with others. If you're committed to your empathy journey, you can now save $31 on the complete Empathetic Leadership Fundamentals course.


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